What is Linkky

Linkky is a collection of tools based around a very powerful text extraction and analysis engine.  Lots of people are doing very clever stuff with text processing out there, using all sorts of advanced techniques to sort the wheat from the chaff, and we really hand it to them for all the work that they've done.

We thought it might be nice to put together some real world examples of what can be done with this sort of technology, coming out of the frustrations we have had as individuals.

We offer a range of services on this site, based around our widget technology. The showcase?

Stephen Fry!

Look left! You'll see an example of what we can do with a Twitter stream. This is what Stephen Fry is tweeting about. You can get your own version of the widget by clicking "Get Widget". If you want a Stephen Fry version, just type stephenfry in the Twitter ID box. If you have your own blog or website, and you want that tagged, just install the widget as is from Widgetbox.

Xtractor (Currently offline)

Xtractor allows you to input some text, HTML, or a web address, and have it analysed by our engine.  The results looked very raw at the moment, as it was just a test environment. The basic idea is that you put stuff in, and you get a listof what phrases and words were interesting, with some scores associatedwith them.

There will be lots of configuration options in the future.  For now it's pretty simple

Build Your Widget

Build Your Widget lets you play around with the various options, not only in terms of presentation, but also allows you to customize the types of results you receive

The next step will be the "Mash-up" widget, which will only show themes and tags common across all of the content, rather than aggregating the different sites you choose


Everyone needs a widget these days, and we're no exception.  You'll see one on the side of this page.  

Basically, it reads the page you're on, and tries to extract the relevant terms (as you might have suspected by now).  It then sticks them in a rolling list, which gives users three options.

Click on the phrase itself, and you get a Site Search.  Mostly this is done through Google, but if you've installed the widget on Blogger, it will us the Blogger search.  We hope to allow you to add your own custom search soon.

Click on the Google logo and you get a Google search of that term.

Click on the Wikipedia logo and you get Wikipedia results

Pretty soon there will be vote-type functionality to help yuo help us eliminate rogue phrases.  We can always tune the engine better, although we do give you an option to do some basic tuning, including setting phrase length parameters, and deciding to have more or less phrases and words returned

You can also change the colors of the widget.  The default is a rather eye-catching yellow.

Business Model

We licence the underlying engine, to be incorporated into other product sets. The technology has now been incorporated into the JumpTo product set for financial compliance monitoring.

About Us

Not much to tell, really.  We are a bunch of people driven by common frustrations.  Jon Summerton is our chief spokesman (jon_at_linkky.com) and so he's the person to moan to.

Feel free to come over to the blog and leave a comment, or drop us a line.